We want you to have the best time of your life and not worry about anything else. Everything stated here is included in the price. There are no hidden fees.


When you book with the Troutdale House by the Sandy River you will receive the following:

    • 10 hours for your wedding and reception - includes set up and tear down
    • 1 hour during the week (Monday-Thursday) for rehearsal
    • Use of the entire Troutdale House property on event day with many indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception options
    • Air conditioning on all three levels!!
    • Bring your own food and alcohol or caterers and bartenders!!
    • Venue coordinator to help on your event day
    • Cleaning crew after event
    • Ice machine - makes 500 lb of ice
    • Double gas commercial oven, commercial refrigerator and three food prep tables in our large kitchen
    • 55 cup coffee maker and two cold drink dispensers
    • Cupcake stands in various sizes
    • 200 white chairs for outside ceremony
    • Wedding gazebo for intimate ceremony
    • Free parking
    • Bridal suite and lounge with mini bar and steamer
    • Groom’s room / man cave with mini bar and steamer
    • 47" LCD TV for slideshows and presentations; laptop VGA cable included
    • Free WIFI internet
    • Play your own music through our sound system; iPod/MP3 cable included
    • Microphone that reaches all three levels and courtyard
    • Wireless speaker with lapel microphone
    • DJ lights on main level with many color choices
    • Basement lounge
    • Game room with pool table, foosball and air hockey
    • 20' antique wood bar with 10 bar stools
    • Twenty two 60" round tables and 200 chairs for guests
    • Ten 6' banquet tables for food catering
    • Tables for your cake, gifts and guest book
    • Dark wood podium
    • White table linens
    • Wood rounds for centerpieces or decor
    • Silk flower center pieces for tables and ceremony (see below).
    • Square glass mirrors 12"x12"
    • Coat closet on main level
    • Large restrooms on the main level
    • Ladder and hand cart
    • Food cart with wheels
    • Outdoor ashtrays

Pricing Options:

The Troutdale House by the Sandy River can accommodate 200 guests for your event or formal dining. It can be configured for ceremony, reception or both. Please review our maximum seating capacity matrix below to assist you with your planning.


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* Click here for Depot Park use permit.
The City of Troutdale requires this free permit to be completed for park ceremonies.

Floor plan:

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Event coordinators are responsible for:

  • Set-up of all chairs and tables for ceremony, reception and buffet (includes cake area, gift table, unity, etc.)
  • Put out our white tablecloths as needed
  • Set-up of Troutdale House decor.  This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Silk flowers and centerpieces
    • Glass mirrors (12 x 12 centerpieces)
    • Wood rounds  (centerpieces)
    • Other props or decor from the venue
  • “Flip” and reset rooms or patio after ceremonies.  This includes any decor items that are from the venue.  If you are bringing in a lot of your own decor please make sure you have people from your group prepared to help set-up your items during the reset.
  • Coordination and queuing of bridal party for ceremony (practiced at rehearsal)
  • Answer questions about venue, bar set-up, audio/video, etc.
  • Welcome and answer questions for vendors about venue
  • Control and adjust air conditioning and heating
  • Light gas ovens for caterers or wedding group
  • Focus on security inside and outside of building by monitoring security cameras and walking grounds
  • Enforce and inform guest of rules or regulations if needed
  • Stock bathrooms and other locations in venue as needed.  Also provide trash bags, electrical cords, etc.
  • Our venue coordinators are the first to arrive and the last to leave.  Shifts can be 10 + hours.  Please keep in mind to include enough food in your catering plans for your vendors and coordinators.
  • Coordinators receive breaks and mealtimes. They may leave the venue for a short time (if schedule allows) to pick something up. They will communicate to you if they choose to pop out for a break.
  • You may have a different venue coordinator at your rehearsal than you have on your event day. We try to schedule the best we can but it is not always possible to meet them before your event day. 
  • If time allows coordinators may help with your decor and other items that need attention.  Every event is different and we try to stay flexible depending on needs.
  • Help direct end-of-night clean up and walk-thru of building before you leave at end of day


Event coordinators are not responsible for :

  • Serving or setting-up your food, beverage or cake
  • Playing music or slideshows (we will show people how they work)
  • Making announcements over sound systems (we do ask guest to takes seats before ceremony)
  • Create or execute all day timelines.  (We do appreciate a copy if you create one)
  • Wait or clear dining tables
  • Steam clothing or other fabric
  • Washing borrowed items from our kitchen.  Please make sure you wash any drink container, coffee pot, trays, etc. before you leave the building. 


Q) Do we know what time the trains come by or are they on a schedule?
A) No, unfortunately they do not post the freight train schedule due to national security. Everyday is different.

Q) Can we bring food to our rehearsal to serve to everyone that attends?
A) We suggest that you have food at a different location on the night of your rehearsal. Our rehearsals are 1 hour and we have several things to talk about and practice during that time.  There will be other bridal groups before or after your group. Please do not bring alcohol to your rehearsal!

Q) What does The Troutdale House provide for bar/kitchen/restrooms?
A) We provide paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, dish soap, trash cans, trash bags. Mops and brooms as needed. Basic cleaning supplies. We also provide some drink dispensers, 52 oz coffee maker/dispenser (built in filter), 500 lbs ice machine on site and keg/beverage tubs.

Q) Do we allow dry ice or fog machines?
A) No, unfortunately our fire system will not allow it.

Q) Are sparklers, fireworks or fire pits allowed?
A) No, due to safety of guests and our building, these things are no longer allowed.

Q) Can we get into the building if we arrive early on our event day?
A) Normally we do not allow groups into the venue before the agreed contracted time. This includes vendors for your event (caterers, DJ, photographers). Please make sure your vendors or delivery companies know what times you have the building rented for so access to the building is guaranteed. Special circumstances sometimes allow us to be flexible. Please call us to see if we can help arrange a special request.

Q) When can my rental company drop off or pick-up my order?
A) Rental companies need to drop off and pick up the same day as event during your contracted hours for the event. Special circumstances sometimes allow us to be flexible. Please call us to see if we can help arrange a special request.

Q. What items are we allowed to use or not use for send-off?
A. Popular choices for send off include: bubbles, glow sticks, LED light wands, flower petals (real only), bells and ribbon. We do NOT allow confetti, birdseed, rice, sparklers, glitter or fake flower petals (outside). If you have something in mind for send off, and don't see it on this list, please feel free to ask!

Q. Will the coordinators that are working on my wedding day have everything set-up when we arrive?
A. No, the coordinators that are working will still be setting up when you arrive. Set-up will be far enough along that you will be able to start setting up any decorations, center pieces, ect... that you are bringing in.

Q. Do you allow fake flower petals?
A. Fake flower petals are allowed inside only. If you would like to use flower petals and your ceremony is outside, you will need to use real flower petals. Real or fake flower petals can be used inside.

Q. If I have questions on my wedding day, where can I find the venue coordinator to ask?
A. The venue coordinators that are working your event will either be in the venue, working on set-up or you can always knock on the office door to see if they are in there. The office is located in the same hallway as the restrooms, it is the first door on the left.



Large Round Tables = 60 in wide
Large Rectangular Table = 6 ft long
Large Round Cake Table = 40 in wide
Small Round Cake Table = 30 in wide

Sweetheart Table = 2 ft x 4 ft
Main Floor Arch = 6 ft x 9 ft
Wood Desk = 5 ft 7 in x 2 ft 3 in
Bar Length = 20 ft

# of Bar Stools = 10
# of White Chairs = 400
# of Large Round Tables = 22
# of Tables that fit on Main Floor = 10 (12 max)
# of Tables that fit in Courtyard = 10
# of Tables that fit on Lower Level = 10 (13 max)

Glass Mirrors (centerpiece) = 12 in x 12 in
Wood Log Rounds (centerpiece) = varies in size

Silk flower choices available on your wedding day: